Run Your Yakima Home on Solar Power

Run Your Yakima Home on Solar Power

Quick, reliable solar panel installation

Pro Electrical Services is here to provide homeowners in Yakima, WA with a new energy-efficient solution for their homes. With a home solar energy system, you can minimize your reliance on your local energy company. This ultimately helps reduce the world’s reliance on inefficient and harmful coal burning processes.

If you are looking into getting solar panels installed at your home but aren’t quite sure if it’s right for you, here is some info to help you make the decision.

  • 30% Federal Income Tax Credit
  • Sales Tax Exemption in Washington State
  • Washington State Production Incentive - receive a payment per kilowatt-hour of solar energy produced

  • A quick overview of solar energy

    Solar panel covert the suns light particles into a DC current. Then, an inverter converts the electricity from DC to AC for your home to use. Any excess electricity your solar panels creates credits your meter/ rewinds your utility meter. Also if you need electricity (specifically at night time), it can be supplied from your local power company.

    The benefits of solar panels

    Installing solar panels can provide a long list of benefits, for your wallet and for the environment: Here’s a shortened list of the big benefits you’ll get with solar panel installation in Yakima:

    • Significantly reduced utility bills
    • Fixed energy costs every month
    • Qualification for tax credits and incentives
    • Protection/conservation of the environment and its resources

    Also, there are specific banks that devote loans for solar packages, even offering financing for homeowners who are looking to implement them at their home.

    Pro Electrical can answer any of your questions

    The specifics (whether it’s about the installation process or the solar energy process) can all be answered by our electrician here at Pro Electrical Services. We’ll go over where to place the solar panels, much roof space is needed, the length of the installation process and other specifics.

    Get one step close to being independent from your costly utility bills. Contact Pro Electrical Services today to get started on your solar panel installation in Yakima, WA.